Superpower Your GMail with Mailmeteor

by | Jan 26, 2022

First time?
Installing Mailmeteor is easy peasy!
Hit the toggle for installation instructions.
See the layout I'll later create.

Sending mass emails with Mail Meteor

How to send a mass email

How to track who opened

Tips for deliverability

Sending an email step by step

(If you haven’t installed it scroll up for installation instructions first.)

Open Google Sheets Document that has your contacts

Make a Copy - Name it with the Date and Main Reason of Email

Click Extensions in the Menu, Select MailMeteor and Open MailMeteor

Type the name you'd like the email sent from in sender name.

Check track emails opened and clicked

Click "Create a New Template" in the bottom left hand corner

Enter Subject Heading in Subject Box. Email content should be pasted in the main box.

To personalize with each persons name, use insert variable option.

When you are finnished, click save template.

Select your newly created template in the email template drop down box.

Click on the upside down triangle beside the send button and select autopilot.

Adjust send only date and times to suite the email needs.

If you have a professional GMail account you can increase the max emails sent per day to 2000

Ensure the delay between emails is at least 60 seconds

To send immediately, click send with autopilot. To schedule the email for a later date/time, click the upside down triangle and select the date and time.

How to Track Who Opened and Clicked