do more in less time.

No seriously. Spend less time cutting, pasting, emailing, replying, transferring, reminding and more time doing whatever it is you want to do.

Would you believe it if I said your coaching calls could magically upload and share themselves with your clients without you lifting a finger?

What if you could post your event once but have it populate on multiple sites like meetup and facebook?


moving data from one place to another.

So often the word automation seems too intimidating, and as a result small business are missing out. It really is as simple as moving data from one program to another. So with services like Zapier, IFTTT, and Integromat, you can say add new zoom recordings to google drive automatically, share my linkedin posts on facebook, send me a text message when my agent emails me, etc etc.

click and install

At That Zap Girl, we make automation templates, so you can have your automations up and running in a few clicks

calm the chaos

After a year of building custom automations for thousands of dollars, I’ve designed automation templates that help anyone implement time saving automation to their business faster, for less.

just focus on what you love

The truth is all those little to do’s can really weigh you down, with automation your to do list is smaller and have system in place so that no client is left behind.


easily the best decision you’ll make today.

explained like you're five

I aim to explain things to you in an honest, understandable with only the needed information. No techies needed.

quick fast and easy

You don’t have to understand how I built things, you can click, authorize your accounts and get on your way in less that an hour.


Hey is this an automation sales page or a dating profile? I’ve fine tuned the process to keep costs affordable to the one person shop who’d like to do less.


I’ll also include a list of new ways you can waste your time on the internet incase you don’t know what to do with the new free time.

do more of what you love (and less of what you don’t),

isn’t that kind of the point?

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