Someone say a marketing blueprint?

Maybe it’s time to stop, make a plan, run scenarios, and work the numbers based on real data.

How many leads do you need to make the profit you want?

This isn't how you want to spend your time.

You want to stay in your lane, which isn't email automations. I get it.

Technology and you don't always get along.

This happens. Help is available.

You think someone with experience might do a better job.

You've struck gold in your logic, and found yourself a pro.

How it works

So let’s break it down. You get:


  • 3 draft options of each email, up to a five email series. That’s up to 15 emails.
  • 2 1-1 Calls with me.
  • Emails, tagging, a/b testing and automations set up in your email service provider of choice.
  • Marketing funnel blueprint and funnel scenarios including profit and traffic estimates.
  • 60 days support or adjustments.

You pay: $500 plus tax.

you got questions. we got answers (maybe to your questions).