want That Zap Girl on your team?

quite honestly, our membership slaps.

we don’t say that lightly.

you might have questions.

;We definitely have answers and maybe they answer your questions. If the answers we put in the FAQ here isn’t your question holler back now on email, social media, or telepathic means (not responsible for messages not recieved telepathically, that’s on you )

is there a trial?

No. You can book an appointment with me to catch the vibe or ask questions. My packaged work is offered at an affordable rate to help new business owners, and as such doesn’t have the needed markup to allow for trials. 

is there a commitment?

For the basic membership no. The premium membership requires a three month commitment. 

where can I find you on social?




so what else can we offer?

  • feeling more organized 87% 87%
  • saving time and money 64% 64%
  • witty and inapropriate business humour 99% 99%