Let’s create an email series

Sometimes it’s nice to hand over the job to a pro and focus on what you love

This isn't how you want to spend your time.

You want to stay in your lane, which isn't email automations. I get it.

Technology and you don't always get along.

This happens. Help is available.

You think someone with experience might do a better job.

You've struck gold in your logic, and found yourself a pro.

How it works

It starts with a survey (I mean after you pay me). You answer questions about your email list, your offer, your topic and content and links you'd like to share,

We chat in video call.

My team and I draft three options for each of the 3-5 emails in your series.

You choose which you like best, or use more than one option in a/b testing.

My team and I set up the emails, automation and tagging in your email system.

I create a marketing funnel blueprint with a few projected scenarios of sales and conversions based on open rates, traffic sources etc.

We chat again in a video call. I show you what I did, explain the marketing blueprint, what open and conversion rates you'd want to get certain levels of revenue, and how to get traffic sources in.

We offer support for any concerns, questions or slight adjustments for an additional 60 days.

So let’s break it down. You get:


  • 3 draft options of each email, up to a five email series. That’s up to 15 emails.
  • 2 1-1 Calls with me.
  • Emails, tagging, a/b testing and automations set up in your email service provider of choice.
  • Marketing funnel blueprint and funnel scenarios including profit and traffic estimates.
  • 60 days support or adjustments.

You pay: $500 plus tax.

you got questions. we got answers (maybe to your questions).