TidyCal – Why I Use, What I Love About It, and What I don’t.

Tidycal is a scheduling app that helps people book appointments for your service based on your availability, synced from your calendars. It’s helpful in allowing appointments to be booked on your website or giving a private link to clients, employees etc.

Popular alternatives to Tidycal would be Acuity and Calendly. Both, unfortunately, operate on a subscription model, which can be daunting when your business isn’t really up and running or just getting started.

I’m allergic to monthly software subscriptions. Okay, technically I’m not. I found in the first year of my business that if I paid for all the cool software each month I liked my business wouldn’t make money, AND that new business owners needed an alternative to paying over $100 monthly for software as a service before they’d even launched.

That alternative? For me, TidyCal and a few other softwares’ I recommend to new business owners can be purchased for a one-time fee and accessed for life. When I got TidyCal I paid $19 (it’s $29 a year later) but still quite a different scenario than committing to a $10-$15 monthly fee with Calendly or Acuity.

So the main reason I use TidyCal is the price, integration to PayPal/Stripe, Zapier, zoom and my calendars. It has the main features I was using in Calendly like call reminders, payment, calendar integration for less.

What doesn’t Tidycal have I wish it did (and why you might regret Tidycal if you need this)? Recurring appointments and multiple appointments.

What features do I use and love?

Multiple Appointments Types

The ability to make some appointments private.

24 hour and 1-hour Reminders: TidyCal automatically sends email reminders 24-hours and 1 hour before the said appointment.

Zoom Integration

Integration into my calendars.

Limit Times Available For Each Appointment

Padding For Each Appointment

Custom Questions on the Booking Form

Check out Tidycal on AppSumo and ask any questions below.

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