The Rules for Purchasing Software for a One Time Fee

I had a client recently ask me about an all in one software they were considering buying for their business for a one time fee of $997.

This got me thinking about rules that I’ve perhaps not articulated in writing but I like by when making a one time fee purchase.

  1. Replace the words “One Time Fee” with two years. If you invested this money, and in two years the company shut down, or was bought out and your deal became void, is it still a deal?

Here’s the thing, a one time fee, lifetime deal sounds great. It may even work out and you purchase something that lasts a decade. However the wording makes the consumer feel the lifetime is theirs not the software.

2. I normally won’t spend more than $100 for a one time fee deal (there have been exceptions). In so many ways it goes back to above and looking at a lifetime as significantly shorter given technology. It’s also however because I’m keeping in mind my business or technological needs will change and I may not what the software past two years.

3. How well is the company able to support? From the dozens of purchases I’ve made on appsumo this year that is what seems to separate the good from the bad. If I need help how soon is it provided? An easy way to answer this is to reach out with a question or two. How long did it take to receive an answer, and was your question(s) fully answered.

4. Do they have a roadmap?

5. What do the reviews say?

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