How I Cut 80% of My Business Software Expenses

Let me introduce you to my little friend, App Sumo.

Before AppSumo I used to pay for, mailchimp, textmagic and calendly.

Now I don’t. I have the same services but I replaced my monthly fees with one time deals (total cost under$130) and now my tech is better and cheaper than ever.

Okay, okay, I hear you asking how can/what can I ditch and replace?

Let me start with an easy one, Tidy Cal


What do you use them for?

Booking online appointments and accepting payments.

What features do you need?

Accept payments. Connect to your calendar. Work on desktop and mobile.

One time fee of 19.95 USD 8$ USD MONTHLY, (every month like a period)
Allows booking appointments, accepting stripe, integrating with google/microsoft calendars.Allows booking appointments, accepting stripe, integrating with google/microsoft calendars.

Okay, hopefully you can see the appeal in Tidy Cal, for many it offers all the services they need for a low one time fee of $19 vs a monthly fee that could add up to $96 a year.

If you end up grabbing TidyCal for yourself don’t forget to check out my “How to Use TidyCal Post” 🙂

Okay, wait, WTF is Appsumo?

At the point, you might be wondering about Appsumo. Are they legit? Can they be trusted etc etc?

So Appsumo is a software marketplace for new softwares. Developers bring their products to the market place to find champions and gain feedback; in exchange they are handing over often lifetime access to their product for 90% or more off.


What do you use them for?

A digital business card that allows clients to check out your social media, book an appointment, and sign up for your mailing list.

What features do you need?

Embed mailing list signup, embed calendar, link to social media.

Free plan, Pro plan monthly fee of $6Free plan, Pro plan one time fee $19


What do you use them for?

Sending out marketing emails and email automation

What features do you need?

Store contact details and open history. Send out email to subscribers. Email automation (sending automated email series)

Free plan, 2500 subscribers and premium features around $60 USD monthly.Free plan. 5000 subscribers and premium features one time fee of $49


What do you use them for?

Sending SMS reminders and marketing emails.

What features do you need?

Enough monthly sends and subscribers to fit your needs. Scheduling and automation capabilities.

Virtual # is $4 monthly + 0.04 per textOne time fee of $59 includes 300 sent text messages monthly

I love being a part of the Appsumo community and you will find often I’m trying out software from the site and posting about it.

If you like purchasing lifetime deals vs monthly subscriptions you might want to check out our post on “the rules of purchasing software for a one time fee.”

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